Ikon Prefabricated & Steel Structures, who produce prefabricated structures with its cutting-edge technology and high quality understanding, commenced production in 1997. With its broad-visioned and evergreen organisation, Ikon Steel Villa keeps progressing in the business without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction principles.

The groups of technical office and R&D within Ikon Prefabricated & Steel Structures’ organization keep working on new product designs and projects to satisfy customers’ needs.

Ikon Prefabricated & Steel Structures design and produce constructions, which is to be used in projects that come up in different sizes and sections in accordance with customers’ demands, within its organization.


As Ikon Prefabricated & Steel Structures, our mission is to have cutting-edge technology and modern production methods to manufacture high quality products, to hustle for making sales to international markets and reaching world standards, to make R&D activities on utilization and efficiency of firm’s products to manufacture more quality products for lower costs and to increase the range of products by enhancing R&D activities.


As Ikon Prefabricated & Steel Structures, our vision is to become a world’s leading brand in prefabricated, steel structure and light steel villa area with our high quality producion power.


To take “QUALITY” as an indispensable base.

To create an understanding of service that does not settle with certain level of “QUALITY”

To follow the technological advances and renew the equipment needed in accordance with them.

To realize consistent expansion by making the greatest investment in knowledge and our experienced team.

To give all employees education on the awareness of occupational health and safety.

To abide by Quality, Environment OHS Management System Conditions, legal obligations and other necessities in the business and perpetually improve these conditions.

To take the precautions during business planing and production to minimize the effects that may harm health and environment.

To take perpetual improvement as a principle in all areas. 

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